How to Get to Slussen T Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area Part II

In Part I of How to Get to Slussen T-Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area, we took a look at what it was like to exit a cruise ship docked at the S-167 berth and to start our journey in search of the Slussen T-Bana station. We exited the port area and entered Masthamnen street where we easily followed the colored lines on the ground until we arrived at a juncture, offering us a decision. In this article, we will take a look at what it’s like if we take a left at the juncture, to reach the local bus stop on Stadsgården street, versus taking a right at the juncture, where we will continue our walk all the way to Slussen T-Bana.

How to Get to Slussen T Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area Part II

Public Bus

If you would rather not walk to Slussen T-Bana and prefer to take the local bus, then here’s what you need to know. As shown in the last image in Part I of this article, you will take the left at the juncture by the building. Just follow the blue line labeled Public Transport on the left. You will run into this set of steps, which you will take.

Steps to Londonviadukten Bus Stop

After ascending those steps, it will open up into another path. From here you can see the street Stadsgårdsleden (where the red bus is) in the image below. Walk this path and take that next set of steps climbing into Stadsgårdsleden street.

Second Set of Steps to Londonviadukten Bus Stop

After you have climbed the second set of steps, take a right. Make sure to look back and recognize where you exited. Upon your return trip back to the port, you will need to recognize where the path back to S-167 is.

Steps Onto Stadsgardsleden

Looking ahead, you will see the bus shelter. The bus shelter indicates that this is the Londonviadukten stop serving bus numbers 53, 71 and 96.

Stockholm - Stadsgardsleden Bus Stop

Finally, just a few feet beyond the bus shelter is a sign post. And here is where the stop is for any of the 400 series buses, from number 401 through to 446, 471, 474, and from number 491 through to 497.

Stockholm - Stadsgardsleden 4xx Bus Stop

According to the official Stockholm Public Transport site and Google Maps, there are a couple more buses coming through here. It’s not shown in these stops so I’m not sure if they stop here or not. Look for and board any bus that says “Slussen T-bana” on it. That should be bus #53 and ANY 400 series bus and you will definitely get you to Slussen station. Google Maps (or any transit app for that matter) helps tremondously – do a Transit routing from Londonviaduckten to Slussen T-Bana and your bus options are listed.

If you suddenly decide not to take the bus and continue walking along the street (watch for bicyclists!), it will actually merge with the walking path in the next section. Let’s call this Point X so we can refer to it later.


If you know beforehand that you will just walk, then at the juncture by the building you will take a right. Then follow the crosswalk and continue with the colored lines across the parking lot as shown in the image below.

Stockholm - S-167 Juncture - Turning Right

After a short walk you will reach Stadsgårdsleden street. At this point you have reached Point X, where the two paths merge. Google Street View has a good look at this merger point. Looking straight on at this point, you will notice the walking/cycling path adjaecent to Stadsgårdsleden street on the right with the Londonviadukten stop around the corner. On the left of this street view is where you would have just walked up to.

From here, it’s a straight walk – continue following the path in a westerly direction, with the water to your right. You will eventually reach the building Fotografiska (Photography Museum). Once you pass this building you can move off the bicycle path onto another walking path much closer to the water. While on this path, you can take some great, unobstructed pictures of Gamla Stan ahead or looking back, Grona Lund.

Stockholm - View of S-167
Stockholm - View of Gamla Stan

Staying on this path, you will reach and pass the Birka Cruise Terminal. Just ahead you will see an overpass – Slussen T-Bana is up there! Now, if you stay on the current path and follow the curve to the right you can walk right up into Gamla Stan. On the other hand, if you turn towards the Katarinahissen structure on your left (where you see the sign for the Gondolen restaurant at the top), follow the crosswalk to cross Stadsgårdsleden street. Here, there is a stairwell that will bring you up to the upper level street called Stadsgården; climb the stairs and then take a right. Walk straight ahead to cross a street and you will reach the entrance to Slussen T-Bana (as shown in the title image of this article).

Stockholm - Crosswalk Towards Katarinahissen
Stockholm - View of Gondolen

For travellers arriving at the Stadsgarden Port Area, you have reached your gateway to Stockholm. All your public transportation needs are located here. Alternatively, you can walk to many nearby sights all the while knowing that you can always take public transport back to Slussen T-Bana. This concludes the two part post on How to Get to Slussen T-Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area. Enjoy your Stockholm visit and please leave me a comment if this article has helped you at all.

Need to Know

I hope this long article has helped someone. As you can see, if you can be visually aware of many of the landmarks beforehand, you will have an easy time getting to Slussen T-Bana. If you found this helpful, then please share it and read the rest of this Stockholm Mini Guide for more on Stockholm!