How to Get to Slussen T Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area Part I

Welcome to Part I of a two part article on How to Get to Slussen T-Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area. This is the second entry in my Stockholm Mini Guide. For this entry, I would like to share what I have learned about getting to the Slussen T-Bana on a recent Baltic cruise visit to Stockholm. For those of you who have read Rick Steves book Northern European Cruise Ports, you know he says to follow the blue color line painted on the ground into town plus a bunch more instructions. Well, I’m hoping to make that much clearer and to add some visuals. Note that my ship’s docking berth was S167, but this article easily applies to any of the nearby berths along Stadsgården.

How to Get to Slussen T Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area Part I

Why Slussen T-Bana?

Arriving in this port area your first priority for a Stockholm visit is to get to Slussen T-Bana. Since Slussen T-Bana is a metro and bus terminal, you are within easy reach of everything by taking advantage of Stockholm’s excellent public transportation system. You can consider Slussen T-Bana to be the hub as many of your tourist spots radiate from there. Directly north of the station is the Old Town Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace. From there you can head over to the Stockholm City Hall, Kungsträdgården, or the Strandvägen boardwalk. To the east, buses can take you to Djurgarden island to see the Vasa Museum, the ABBA Museum, Skansen and the Gröna Lund Theme Park. To the south of the station, you can visit the popular Götgatan street.

##Hearing a Hundred Times is not as Good as Seeing Once – Old Chinese Proverb Translation: ..A picture is worth a thousand words..

The main issue to resolve with this post is to answer questions you may have when berthing in any of the ports along here. For example, looking at the whole area on Google Maps, it does look messy and confusing. Zoom in on the map below and look around Slussen T-Bana area on the left and you’ll see a a bunch of small intertwining roads. How about all the unmarked roads adjacent to Stadsgårdsleden and around S-167? What are they and can you use them – what does it look like? Some spots you can Street View and in others you cannot.

More questions arise as you do your research. You may not be aware of the elevation change to get to the bus stop, how Slussen looks as you approach it, is it possible to walk straight up into Gamla Stan? You can certainly try to use Street View but it does not go through all the small walking paths and you just do not get a complete answer. It just creates a lot of uncertainty and you will just have to find out when you get there, to map reality to the maps. GPS helps but only when you are there, and even then, believe it or not, it can be confusing. While you are sitting at home planning there is much guesswork involved. Unless you see it with your own eyes, you’re never quite sure that you’ve got it right. Hence, the chinese proverb.

The Basics

From the deck of the ship berthed at S167, this is what you’ll see when looking at the exit gate.

Stockholm S-167 Port Area

Walking from the ship’s exit, just follow the striped white path to the gate. As you pass the gate and exit the port, your choices are to turn left or right. This “street” is named Masthamnen. Hang a right and that is the basic direction towards Slussen T-Bana. Notice below the traveler turning to his right upon exiting the gate.

Stockholm S-167 Exit Gate

At this point, you should see the colored lines on the ground and this will be your guide. In the image below, you are looking at travelers following the colored lines, walking away from the ship and the port gate. Take note of the approaching building on their left.

Stockholm S-167 Blue and Green Lines

With the barrier wall on your right and the buildings on your left, you will be funneled into a juncture as shown in the image below. It’s a high level view but you should recognize the building at the left as the same building in the previous image. If your plan was to save some time and energy, then take a left towards the bus stop. Alternatively, if your plan called for a nice walk by the water, take a right across the crosswalk. Let’s get into the details of both these options so you can see what to look for.

Stockholm S-167 Juncture

At ground level, here’s what the juncture would like like. As you can see, it’s labeled quite well.

Stockholm S-167 Juncture Ground View

In Part II of this article, we will have a detailed look to see what it’s like if we take the left or take the right at this juncture point, to continue or journey towards Slussen T-Bana.