Free Wifi Around the Stockholm Stadsgarden Port Area

So, you arrived at Stockholm via a cruise ship and immediately, you’re looking for some WiFi. Like every other passenger on your ship, you’ve been WiFi deprived (unless you paid an arm and a leg for wifi on your ship) and you’re anxious to get connected. You’re looking to check your emails, catch up and update your Facebook, post some massive amounts of Instagram or Photostream pictures, or do a bit of on-the-fly research on your current or upcoming ports of call.

Free Wifi Around the Stockholm Stadsgarden Port Area

I Want My WiFi

The Statdsgarden port is the area of focus for this post. My ship was docked at berth S-167. There is no terminal building here – you just get off the boat and onto the pier. Disembark your ship, and you’ll run right into the TI, the Stockholm Tourist Info kiosk.

Free Wifi at the Stockholm TI Kiosk

The TI provides free WiFi and their WiFi information is posted on the the front wall of their kiosk. The TI kiosk is only manned up to 3 hours from your arrival but no matter, they actually have the WiFi signal available all day and all night. This is great if you intend to be staying around the ship. For example, in the evening, just go out to the lower decks facing the shore, grab a lounge chair and surf – no need to leave the ship – and the WiFi connection signal should be quite strong. Or, as most passengers do, leave the ship and find a spot to sit next to or around the TI booth. The bad news? First, their internet speed doesn’t seem to be that great. Pure speculation, but I’ll guess that it’s most likely a cellular data connection like a Mifi. I doubt they have a fast cable or DSL line run to the kiosk in the middle of the pier. Secondly, there’s the problem of competition for the limited bandwidth from your fellow passengers. Imagine 50 people all trying to upload pictures or checking Facebook on a slow line. Just starting Whatsapp and trying to get the connected status took me a good 30-45 seconds if I recall.

Anything Faster?

A second option is to walk over to Stadsgardsleden and use the free WiFi at some of the hotspots along the way like at the photo museum, Fotografiska. There was also a signal emanating from the Birka Terminal but I couldn’t get a successful connection. I believe Fotografiska should have a faster connections but again, there were many people hanging around, all on their phones, tablets and laptops. It took some time for me to get a successful connect but once connected, the internet experience was better here than at the kiosk. Here’s what the Fotografiska building looks like (though usually with even more internet users).

Free Wifi in Stadsgarden Port Fotografiska Building

The next potential option is the McDonalds WiFi located near the Slussen T-Bana station. I never tested this one but like most McDonalds it’s probably acceptable with a decent (but not amazing) connection that should be good enough for basic needs.

Just Like Home

Finally, here’s my suggestion. Get yourself to Slussen T-Bana. If you’re not sure how to do that, then follow my post on how to get to Slussen T-Bana. From Slussen T-Bana, get yourself to a street named Gotgatan – it’s just behind the station on the west side. Head south (opposite the direction to Gamla Stan). Walk up the slightly uphill Gotgatan street and you will eventually hit a mini mall called Bruno, at address #36. Get yourself in there! If you hit a Starbucks, you’ve gone a little too far – just backtrack a little. Here’s what the entrance looks like.

Free Wifi in Bruno Mini Mall

The American Apparel and the Hope store adjacent to the entrance are all part of the Bruno mini mall. Enter the mall and you will find free WiFi that is reliable and FAST! Like… home fast. Like….you can finish any pending uploads of all your pictures in a flash fast. Inside, it’s comfortable and modern, has a café in the atrium, you can get all your internet tasks completed quickly, and then get on with your Stockholm visit. Now, I never did a speed test of any sorts as I was too excited and too busy taking advantage of it. But I was not the least bit frustrated and everything I did online was extremely snappy.

It’s a bit of a walk to get here from the port – probably about 35-40 minutes. But it’s a nice walk, especially as you go along the boardwalk next to Stadsgardsleden street. Looking across the water you’ll get some good views of Djurgarden Island (you’ll see the Grona Lund amusement park) and Gamla Stan. You can use Bruno as a “carrot” to get your partner/spouse/kids to do the walk with you. Promise them fast WiFi – but they will have to follow your lead! The one thing to keep in mind is that they open at 11 a.m. (noon on Sundays) but it’s highly probable the WiFi signal is available outside shopping hours; stand next to the building and give it a try.

Instead of walking all the way to Bruno, you can take the public bus to Slussen T-Bana and then do the 5-10 minute walk to Bruno. Again, I have covered both the walking and the bus option of getting to Slussen T-Bana in a previous article. Here’s the Google maps of all the above locations.

Enjoy that fast and free connection! Then, get on with your Stockholm visit – might I suggest a tour of their subway stations?

Need to Know

Bonus Fact

Gogatan street is part of the hip Södermalm district of Stockholm. After you are done with your WiFi business at Bruno, take a stroll along this street, or venture off into the other streets of Södermalm. The Södermalm neighborhood has great atmosphere and is loaded with many interesting local shops to go along with all the cafes, pubs, restaurants etc. Come back in the evening and you’ll see it’s hopping, especially during the weekends. As hip as it is, many of the streets just give you that local Stockholm feel, especially during the daytime when it’s less crowded by party-goers.

If you found this helpful, then please share it and read the rest of this Stockholm Mini Guide for more tips and research on Stockholm!