Ken's Stockholm Guide

15 Fascinating Things To Do and See In Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, literally translated as “Old Town“, is where Stockholm was originally founded. Being one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, we found that it makes for a fascinating visit. The Old Town goes back several hundred years – back to the 13th century to be a little more precise. This historical center has many narrow lanes and alleyways of varying widths, cobblestone streets and old buildings at every turn, churches and museums, and even a Royal Castle!

8 Practical Tips for Visiting Stockholm's Subway Art

Stockholm is a great city to visit with lots to see and do. You’ve got the Old Town Gamla Stan, the Vasa Museum, the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace, and their underground subway stations. Subway stations??? Go all the way to Stockholm to visit the subway stations? My answer is “Oh ya, you bet!”. Not only that, it’s one of my must do itinerary items for Stockholm.

Free Wifi Around the Stockholm Stadsgarden Port Area

So, you arrived at Stockholm via a cruise ship and immediately, you’re looking for some WiFi. Like every other passenger on your ship, you’ve been WiFi deprived (unless you paid an arm and a leg for wifi on your ship) and you’re anxious to get connected. You’re looking to check your emails, catch up and update your Facebook, post some massive amounts of Instagram or Photostream pictures, or do a bit of on-the-fly research on your current or upcoming ports of call.

5 Free Things To Do In Stockholm With The Family

You arrive in Stockholm, Sweden, and you’re ready to do take in some of the sights. But, wait a minute. Before making the trip, did you know that Stockholm is one of Europe’s most expensive cities? You are on a budget and notice that everything is so costly. What to do? Well, we’ve got you covered with this article. We will present you with 5 Free Things To Do in Stockholm With the Family.

How to Get to Slussen T Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area Part II

In Part I of How to Get to Slussen T-Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area, we took a look at what it was like to exit a cruise ship docked at the S-167 berth and to start our journey in search of the Slussen T-Bana station. We exited the port area and entered Masthamnen street where we easily followed the colored lines on the ground until we arrived at a juncture, offering us a decision.

How to Get to Slussen T Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area Part I

Welcome to Part I of a two part article on How to Get to Slussen T-Bana From Stadsgarden Port Area. This is the second entry in my Stockholm Mini Guide. For this entry, I would like to share what I have learned about getting to the Slussen T-Bana on a recent Baltic cruise visit to Stockholm. For those of you who have read Rick Steves book Northern European Cruise Ports, you know he says to follow the blue color line painted on the ground into town plus a bunch more instructions.